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The Carnian Swamps

By far the most dangerous of the biomes, the carnian swamps houses some of the deadliest predators in the game. Furthermore, except for a select few creatures, your speed is reduced by 20% when you enter the marshy lands of this biome. To the brave few who dares to make this perilous biome their domain, they will find an abundance of food as well as some other resources that may surprise you.

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A small but lush biome hidden between the ancient woods, hushed forests and grand river. An ideal habitat for any creature as

Sunken Biome

The primary habitat of the playable amphibians. It can be found under any body of water including the grand river, swamps, lakes

The Grasslands

The largest biome in the game, the grasslands are large open areas with lots of food and water. This biome is suited