What is aldian of ancients?

Immerse yourself in an ancient world, lost in the shuffle of evolution, filled with creatures that imparts awe and wonder. Explore a beautifully crafted open world filled with flora and fauna from bygone ages. Select from a vast roster of prehistoric creatures that includes dinosaurs, synapsids, temnospondyls and pterosaurs and make herds or coalitions with other players to take on the perils of Pangaea. Master the lands and claim territories for your herd for in Pangaea only the toughest and smartest will survive.


Specific areas in the map that offers a wide array of benefits to the herds/packs that can take control of it. They provide a constant stream of food (i.e fauna/eatable flora) and  fresh water. Carnivore and herbivore territories are different from each other in terms of size and spawns. Territories are often conquered by players who have good communication and strategy and maintaining a territory is much more difficult than conquering one. In very rare instances boss creatures can spawn within territories and if players are able to bring them down, they will get unique rewards.


Nesting is a bit more complicated in AOA as players will need to acquire mating rights in order to successfully mate with females. A single female can only mate with one male and if there are more males than females in a herd, they need to compete amongst themselves for said rights. There are separate ‘maturity meters’ that players need to fill up before they can mate as well. These meters can be filled up by successfully defending your herd, hunting, taking care of herd mates etc.

Pack/Herd Hierarchy

Players can fight with other males of the same pack and the winner will become the alpha male of the group. Once a player reaches alpha male status, they can acquire a special skill called Testosterone Boost which when activated gives an overall boost to their stats for a short period of time. This can be activated when the pack is under pressure from predators or when other males challenge the alpha for dominance of the pack. The catch is that this talent has a very long cooldown time and if crafty players can prolong the fight with the alpha it will eventually wear of.

Females in the herd can reach a similar state of dominance called Matriarch. However, instead of fighting to reach such a position like males, females slowly progress to this status by other peaceful methods such as caring for young, preparing nests, healing and taking care of wounded etc. Once the player reaches the matriarch status, the eggs laid by them and their resulting progeny will be significantly better than those from normal females as they will have higher resistance to bleed, infection, poison and the elements.

36 playable creatures

Aldian of Ancients features about 36 playable creatures. You can learn more about them here