About us

We, at norian...

We are a team of developers from around the globe with a passion to make games that will showcase the best of our vision and talent. We want the players to be captivated by the games that we make and impart on them an experience that is unique to us. 

dev team

Jake Koshy

Director and Creator

Marc Antoine Desbiens

Lead Programmer

Kurtis Knodel

Loric Herbé

Alexandros Titonis

Tom van de Merbel

Lead Artist

Elijah Bassett

Music Composer

Max Louis

Creative Head

Aninndo Neel Dutta

Project Manager, Head of web design

Ricardo Hoyos

Ignacio Barthelemiez

Lead 3D Modeler and Animations
Hugo Andres Espinosa Arriagada


Andreas Hammann

Sound Designer / Music Composer

Trevyn Stegall

Project Manager

Web Design, Talent RELATIONS and Social Media

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Nelson Pynadathu Rumjit

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-23 at 9.43.56 AM

Arun Dev

Paul Thomas

Arun Varghese

Finance & Marketing

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Jobin Joseph

Doszhan Baibokonov