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We are a bunch of arduous and passionate game developers striving to create the games that you will relish as much as we do. With creativity and imagination as the fulcrum in our games’ making, we apply our heart and soul in our attempts so that the player will have an experience that is unique to our games. We look forward to your support and encouragement as we take our stroll on this path together. 

Aldian of ancients

Immerse yourself in an ancient world, lost in the shuffle of evolution, filled with creatures that imparts awe and wonder. Explore a beautifully crafted open world filled with flora and fauna from bygone ages. Select from a vast roster of prehistoric creatures that includes dinosaurs, synapsids, temnospondyls and pterosaurs and make herds or coalitions with other players to take on the perils of Pangaea. Master the lands and claim territories for your herd for in Pangaea only the toughest and smartest will survive.

Aldian of Ancients aims to emulate the days long gone, when the earth was untouched by man and filled with creatures that defied our wildest imaginations. We hope to keep the game as realistic as possible with very few liberties, taking into account the invaluable suggestions imparted to us by researchers and zoologists. The world is further divided into different biomes that are unique and beautifully crafted to instill a feeling of immersion in players.

Gameplay will consist of mechanics that are mostly geared towards our target of realism. The best territories in the land are yours for the taking but keep in mind that other players will have the exact idea in mind. Lead your team to be the dominant herd/pack within your species and fight with rival males to assert your position within the group and to get mating rights with the best females. Exploring the realms might reward you with surprises that will blow your mind. Form alliances with other groups to take down the mighty boss dinosaurs that roam Pangaea. And this is just the beginning of what is to come in the future.

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